Mechanics Edit

A trainer can increase your ability in any skill they train by one point per session, up to a maximum skill level of 8. Each session costs 100 gold times the skill level you will attain. To train a skill from untrained to level 8 would cost 3600 gold.

There are no trainers for Dodge, Lore, Medicine, Meditation, Mercantile, Skullduggery, Spot Hidden, Unarmed, Piercing Weapons, or any of the armor skills.

Book I Edit

You will encounter six trainers during the game with nine skills available for training. These skills are Cartography, Bow Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Alchemy, Divination, Swords, Cleaving Weapons, Bludgeoning Weapons and Elemental. Your character can be trained if he has less than five points in the appropriate skill or if he doesn't know the skill. Cartography is taught by Garrett in Aridell inside the local tavern. Garrett will only train you in Cartography after you have completed his quest to retrieve his sextant. Bow Weapons and Thrown Weapons are taught by Aaron in Bordertown outside the make-shift tavern. Alchemy is taught by Gamfari and he is also in Bordertown. Gamfari is just northeast from Aaron. The last three trainers can be found in Blackwater. Divination is taught by Father Jonathon inside the church opposite the blacksmith. Swords, Cleaving Weapons and Bludgeoning Weapons are taught by Sonya inside her establishment northwest from the blacksmith. Elemental is taught by Siam in the guild branch directly south of the blacksmith.

Name Image Location Skill(s)
Garrett Garreth Aridell

(inside tavern, his quest must be completed)

Aaron Aaron Bordertown

(outside tavern)

Thrown Weapons
Gamfari Gamfari Bordertown

(north-east from tavern)

Father Jonathon Jonathon Blackwater (church) Divination
Sonya Sonia b1 Blackwater

(Sonya's House of Pain, north-west of town)

Bludgeoning Weapons
Cleaving Weapons
Siam Siam Blackwater

(Guild of magicks, south of town)


Book II Edit

Name Image Location Skill(s)
Hunter Hunter Wolfenwood Bows
Thrown Weapons
Zeblin Zeblin Thieves' Arcadia Pick Locks
Hide in Shadows
Move Silently
Ned Ned Port Kuudad (Mistfell Port Authority) Cartography
Becka Becka Port Kuudad (Excelsior Elixirs and Alchemy Supplies) Alchemy
Luci Luci Port Kuudad

 (The Darkest Arts Magick Supplies)

Sonya Sonya Port Kuudad

 (Sonya's House of Pain II)

Bludgeoning Weapons
Cleaving Weapons
Gilgamen Gilgaman Durnore Region (Gilgamen's Ironworks) Repair

Book III Edit

Name Location Skill(s)
Alywin Foraging
Kirk Light Armor
Heavy Armor
Shrok Bludgeoning Weapons
Cleaving Weapons
Valx Grayraven Elemental
Madam Gilda Alchemy
Leisle Pick Locks