Reading a skill book will increase its associated skill by two levels if you already know it, or give you a single level in skill if not.

You can only read the book for each skill once. Reading it again, even a different copy of the same book, will not provide a benefit.

There are no books for the Meditation, Repair, or Thrown Weapons skills.

Skill Book Title Book Value
Alchemy Alchemy on the Go: a Field Guide 75
Bludgeoning Weapons Crush! Smash! Destroy! 50
Bows A Master's Guide to the Bow 100
Cleaving Weapons An Axe to Grind 75
Cartography Through the Lost Realms 50
Divination Magicka Divine 75
Dodge The Fly's Defense 50
Elemental Elements of Magick 75
Foraging Tales of Extreme Survival 45
Heavy Armor A Soldier's Guide to Heavy Armour 75
Hide in Shadows In Plain Sight 50
Light Armor Scouts Guide to Defensive Attire 50
Lore Elementary 50
Medicine Encyclopedia of Health & Practices 50
Mercantile The War of Mercantilism 50
Move Silently The Adventures of Brambit the Thief 75
Pick Locks Keyholes & Tumblers 75
Piercing Weapons A Wraith in the Night 50
Shields Shields Up! 75
Skullduggery Traps and Tribulations 50
Spot Hidden Ocular Codex 50
Swords The Legendary Swordsman 125
Unarmed Combat A Bar Brawler's Guide 80