Gaining Levels Edit

When you reach the minimum necessary experience for the next level, the Level Up icon lights up and you have the option to increase your level. When you do, the game will display the character creation screen and allow you to assign ability and skill points.

Each level, you gain 3 ability points and 3 skill points to assign. You can also choose to assign any points you saved from previous levels and/or character creation. You can only increase each skill by 5 points per level, including at character creation. You can get a skill of 6 at character creation, though, if it is a skill granted by your Class/Axiom combination.

Maximum hit points and mana points increase at each level, determined by Strength, Endurance, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Perception.

After leveling up, your current hit points and mana points are restored to their new maximums. As a result, it can be helpful to delay leveling up until you have low HP and/or MP, such as during combat.

Table of Levels Edit

Level Experience Required Level Title
1 0 Layman
2 1000 Greenhorn
3 2000 Neophyte
4 3500 Initiate
5 5000 Apprentice
6 7000 Senior Apprentice
7 10000 Yeoman
8 14000 Seasoned Yeoman
9 19000 Artisan
10 25000 Senior Artisan
11 32000 Journeyman
12 40000 Senior Journeyman
13 50000 Headmaster Journeyman
14 60000 Adept
15 70000 Adept Authority
16 80000 Expert
17 100000 Expert Authority
18 120000 Specialist
19 140000 Master
20 160000 Grandmaster
21 180000 Archmaster
22 200000 Supreme Archmaster
23 230000 Champion
24 260000 Champion Elite
25 290000 Champion Maximus
26 320000 Sanctus Initiate
27 350000 Sanctus Alma
28 400000 Sanctus Omni
29 450000 Sanctus Zedus
30 500000 Sanctus Incarnate

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