Camp day-vert

Camp (day & night)

Making camp causes time to pass quickly, making it less tedious to recover HP and MP. Camping also allows you to use the Foraging skill to find reagents (contained in a sachet appearing right next to your camp when you finish camping), and the Repair skill to improve the condition of your equipment.

You must be a certain distance away from other creatures, whether hostile or NPCs, in order to make camp. Otherwise you will be "overcome by a sense of uneasiness" and conclude that resting in the area "is not a good idea".

While camping on some maps, there is a risk of being attacked. The enemies that may attack you vary by map. Some maps have no camp encounters and are safe to camp in indefinitely.

Map Enemy Type
Cape Sorrow [none]
Broken Blade Devilmander Bonebiter
Mistfell North Coast Mire Troll Devilmander
Forsaken Coast Mire Troll Devilmander
The Guild of Crius Vindica [none]
Raven's Gate, East Entrance [none]
Fellpine Forest Devilmander Bonebiter
Eastern Fellpine Forest Devilmander Bonebiter
Northwest Kessian Basin Red Wolf Outlander
Lorewitch, Level 1 [none]
Lorewitch, Level 2 [none]
Lorewitch, Level 3 [none]
Port Kuudad [none]
Port Kuudad Sewers [none]
Thieves' Arcadia Shadow Assassin
Basement: Archives [none]
Yoma River Headwaters Red Wolf
Western Kessian Basin Bonebiter Outlander
Wolfenwood Bonebiter Red Wolf
Central Farrock Range Outlander Red Wolf
Farrock Caves level 1 [none]
Fathamurk, Sunderius [none]
Fathamurk, Abyssius [none]
Fathamurk, Onyxium [none]
Northern Farrock Range Outlander Phase Hunter
Eastern Sylphwood Forest Devilmander Rift Harpy
Greenriven Lake Crimson Dragonel Black Mold
Ironpool Dam Interior [none]
Ironpool Dam, lower level [none]
Lost Westwillow Drowned Corpse Cursed Undead
Yoma River Valley Catacomb Rat Crimson Dragonel
The Covenant's Well [none]
South Kessian Basin Crimson Dragonel Outlander
Northern Harpoon Bay Rift Harpy Devilmander
Yoma Narrows Catacomb Rat Crimson Dragonel
Hammerlorne Mountain Snow Wolf
Hammerlorne Great Hall [none]
Hammerlorne Mine, Level 1 [none]
Hammerlorne Mine, Level 2 [none]
Hammerlorne Mine, Level 3 [none]
Durnore Region Snow Wolf
Northern Hellice Lake Snow Wolf
Northeastern Hellice Lake Snow Wolf
Western Hellice Lake Snow Wolf
Raven's Gate, West Entrance Snow Wolf
Hallows of Abigor [none]
Picaroon Isle [none]
Brimstone Lava Fields [none]
Thundersun Grazelands [none]
Ghar-gha River [none]
Southern Thundersun Grazelands [none]
Talushorn [none]
Talushorn Inner Sanctum [none]
Talushorn, Level 2 [none]
Talushorn, Level 3 [none]
Talushorn, Level 4 [none]